Dear friend, I bring you greetings in the matchless name of Jesus Christ and from all Gateway family who are always praying with me for you that the divine plan and awesome purpose of God concerning you, your family and all that concerns you will manifest in a glorious way.
It is no coincidence that you are on this page, because there is no coincidence in the realm of the spirit, I strongly believe that you’re here on this page because the search is over and God is therefore bringing you and I together this day to perfect his great plans and purposes for your life. It does not matter what you have done, etc. Your past does not matter.
The love of God is great and in abundance waiting for you to come home to him your heavenly father, therefore from my heart I urge you to feel free, reach out to him and let me walk with you back to the father, whose love, mercies, goodness and compassion towards you is never runs out. I assure you that you will NEVER REMAIN THE SAME!!