Just like a child born in due season, Gateway Family church was born on October 20th 2012 after God has spoken to the Senior Pastor (Pastor Az) to resign from his professional medical career to raise him a new generation of believers, that will be Winners (hence the name “Gateway Family Church”) in every sphere and battles of life, there by fulfilling the signs and wonders mandate given by God to end time believers as proven in the Scriptures (Isaiah 8:18, Acts 14:3, Hebrews 2:24). Gateway Family Church, is a multinational, multiracial, multicultural and multidenominational church, where nothing else matters but the true worship and sharing of the love of God amongst true believers, doers and followers of the gospel and footsteps of our Lord Jesus Christ, reaching out to our communities, the lost and anyone who is hungry and thirsty for that heavenly relationship/fellowship and refreshing presence of God, which makes everyone in Gateway Family Church A WINNER IN LIFE!!